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Rule #1 of Selling anything....

...Don't chase the customer away with attitude.

I will give credit where it's due. The salesman allowed to me start up the 91 Civic and even gave me permission to test drive it (which is why I gave 1 star).

HOWEVER giving attitude and saying that I'm wasting his time because it's a cheap car is simply unacceptable. Courtesy would have clinched the sale.

By: nate18

kg auto sales

Burnaby, BC

So terrible...

I made the mistake of going there last summer only to find cars that were in need of lots of work(debris in transmission fluid). I mean, most of those cars have reached the end of their lifespan (nearing 300,000km). How are they still in business though? It's very concerning when they generally deter you from test-driving the vehicle of interest.

I even find it very pathetic that some of their staff are obviously rating their own business on here(Yes, that's you Chris and Jacob)! Oh and please stop spamming Craigslist guys...I'd very much like to check out other reputable dealers without having to sort through your reposted listings.

edit: Make no mistake, I very much support small businesses but you folks cross the line when you start flaming potential customers here.

By: nate18

CC Motor Car Sales

Vancouver, BC