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They have no regard for human...

I rented an apartment from these people, initially with the intent that I was only going to be there briefly. However due to some financial issues was forced to stay a while longer than originally intended.

I ended up staying there for 5 years and never got one repair request fulfilled. The place was deplorable, where the fridge they never changed or repaired. I had many things go bad quickly and lost a lot of money that way. I put in request to fix the kitchen floor and stove. Worst landlords ever!!!, Do not rent from them

I was attacked by armed gunmen in my apartment there, I suffered fractured ribs and concussion. There was no security on the doors, they were swung wide open most of the times, lock busted. Was traumatized tremendously by the event and requested to move additionally they had no working cameras to show the police after the event. Then after turned around and sent a bill to collections to sue for 2 months rent. This is a true story.

By: mpaige

MetCap Living

North York, ON