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Dr Sohol knows what you dog needs

I have 3 shelties. My dog amber had a deer tick in her chest and needed surgery to take it out. I left Amber with Dr Sohol to remove it. When I got home he phoned me and said amber was so scared they didn't want to scare her anymore and if I could come back and hold her why he did the surgery. When I got there I held Amber and she was totally a different dog she sat there so good did even move and let him freeze her and cut the deer tick out and stitch her up. I really appreciate that he didn't want to scare her and made a good choice calling me to make amber more secure. He is a great vet and has a good heart for the feelings of your dog. I highly recommend Dr Sohol.

By: mistyblue

Bloor Kipling Animal Clinic

Etobicoke, ON