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knowledgable but awfully expensive

I got upset when my cat, who has had running eyes since she was born, and is quite healthy (7 years, beautiful tabby) was "given" eye drops with her annual shots. The eye drops costed a mere $49. Of couse, i discovered the price when paying the total bill, and thought it was a mistake. No, cat's drops are expensive, i was told. When I said baby drops would work the same, the contempt on their faces was obvious...
The next day, my three cats were feeling sick from the shots, hurting, unwell. I called, and was told to go to the emergency clinic if needed, not a word to offer to check, or whatever. So, I bought some baby motrin, which brought them back to their normal selves in half an hour, and am looking for a new vet.
The shots and drops costed $400. I had to decline the stool test-they do not go out- and a blood test for one of them, "because his fur is not as shiny as the other ones". The poor cat was terrified, hissing and he was supposed to look perfect?
I know my three loves could lose some weight (between 15 and 18 pounds). Not a word about it...
Only money, money, money...

By: minouroux

Niagara Falls Animal Medical Centre

Niagara Falls, ON