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I shopped around to many different stores, and none of them offered such an amazing deal like Home Design Carpets and Rugs. I had my basement done wall to wall, Stair runners and i purchased two area rugs and they beat all the competition by over $500.00. $500 dollars is more than a little savings for me, this means more Christmas money to spend on the kids. Which is very helpful and I give all credit to Home Design Carpet and rugs who made it possible. Service was excellent they have the best installer in the GTA my stairs are now art work and when i have company over all i get is complements, makes me feel great!:) Anyways before i start writing a novel i shall end it here giving HOME DESIGN CARPET AND RUGS an A++ Definitely would recommend everyone to check them out!!

By: mikefenn

Home Design Carpet & Rugs

Woodbridge, ON