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Ottawa Hydro are scam artists

I have been living in a very tiny 1 bedroom apartment for 2 years now and every month I have been getting large hydro bills from Hydro. Before I moved in I asked hydro what is the going price of hydro for this building. At the time they told me $40 bucks per month. After moving in I have never once got a $40 bill. It has been over $150 per month, and in winter been over $300 per month. I basically only have my kitchen light on when watching tv at night, my tv on at night, laptop on, fridge on, and internet modem and that's pretty much it, and they have the nerve to send me $300 hydro bill when I barely use that much hydro I've been pretty angry. And then lo and behold I've found out hydro has had a malfunctioning meter in this old building and many tenants have been complaining for hydro to come replace their old malfunctioning meters, for some tenants they had to complain for over a year to hydro until they finally came to replace their old malfunctioning meters. So...

By: mike82010

Hydro Ottawa

Ottawa, ON