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Need to have more attention to detail...

- clean, new facility
- nice massage chairs
- hot towels for your feet

Cons: - not enough attention to detail ie. left dirt under my fingernails and applied polish over nail. I had to ask them to fix it, which they did. Edges of my nails had polish blobs on my skin so it was not a nice, clean finished look.
- rough trimming cuticles and pushed my cuticles back so hard and roughly, they were swollen & sore afterwards
- footmassage/hand massage with treatment was all of 20 seconds. Very disappointing.

For a salon 14 years in business, I thought the final job was not impressive. I have had better results with a $35 mani/pedi combo. This cost $46 and was worth $20 at the most.

I gave these guys a second chance after 2 years and still they left dirt under my nail and last time I actually bled from my cuticle from the roughness of the manicure. Will not be back.

By: meowmix

Lee's Nails Professional

Halifax, NS