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Private Party

We had a private party there for 21 kids. The kids played laser tag, whirly ball, cosmic arcades and game simulators. The activities were amazing and the kids had tons of fun. Unfortunately, the service was poor. The party coordinators were not interactive or good at ensuring the kids are shuffled around, so each kid gets a chance to try something or is not hogging the ball or a specific game. There was no personalized service. No checking to ensure we didn't need anything else like water, drinks, plates, etc. No assistance in the party room. The head cook is a hot head and unprofessional. Asked to heat cheese on nachos in advance and called in morning to add another pizza. Pizza wasn't ordered and cheese wasn't melted. Then the front desk guy is upset with me cause he didn't place the extra pizza order and the kitchen is pissed off cause they have to make another pizza to be ready at food time in 20 minutes! Then the cook comes storming in the party room & has the...

By: melaniegarey


Etobicoke, ON