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I was in the store with a friend whom i brought there and was shocked a disgusted by the poor and rude service my friend received, and on top of it all to later find out when calling and making a complaint on the ignorance of the women who was serving my friend to find out she is a manager in the department of the store floored me, I have never in my life witness such ignorance from anyone and seen someone treated so poorly before in my life and never mind it was an actual MANAGER of the department in the store. ratings should be optional as i am shocked and disgusted that forcing me to even rate my visit or thought on the store should be optional as my rating is a minus, knowing that it was a manager alone being that rude to customers, no one should be treated rudely in any kind of a service industry but it is suppose to be the manager who are to lead by example for the other staff and this is not the first time I have known of a complaint I just witnessed it for myself this time on the rudeness of the staff at this walmart.

By: mdybtqt


St Catharines, ON