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1257 Lakeshore Road, Missisauga

If you are looking for a decent, well cared for place to live, give this place a WIDE PASS.

Homestead recently purchased this building and are in the process of expensive and somewhat questionable renovations.
Balconies: yes. Replace all the toilets? No. New windows? Ok. Remove all the screen doors? No. Plant trees to beautify the place then cover it all with construction? Why?

As for the managment: they hire from out of country, with no proper experiance or training to care for this building. Nice people, but way over their head.

The building isn't being taken care of. The building management is overwhelmed and the regional property manager could care less.

By: mang68

Homestead Land Holdings Ltd

Toronto, ON


By: ANGRY2010

Urgh! Seems the more reviews on properties I read the less alone I feel with having had dealt with sneeking, lying, underhanded s.o.b. landlord's and property management co. as if evident on my review of Tamarack Woods in Barrie. Amen to you for posting this warning if everyone told about their experiences maybe rent would be dirt cheap because no one would ever apply.