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Kitchen Renovation – On time &...

… [Nick] told us it would take six weeks to complete the work – all our friends said “Count on it being eight then.” Guess how many weeks it took? SIX! Every step of the way Nick was there to help us.

All of the trade people that he works with have had long-standing business relationships with Lonetree and are consummate professionals. Dust and dirt were kept to a minimum and we always had space that we could still function enough to prepare some kind of meals.

When I emailed Nick the other day to find out about settling up our bill he emailed back to say the inspector has to come next week and that it looks like we’re going to come in a little under budget!! Now that was something I wasn’t expecting to hear. The one thing about renovating part of your place is you realize the rest needs doing. Well you know who I’m going to call when we are ready to do our bathrooms next year!


By: lonetreekitc

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