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horrible Superintendants

I wish I could give these guys negative stars!!!, My family of four moved in and on the first day the superintendent walk in my apt with his dog nosing around the whole place also he lingered outside our apartment to listen in on conversations, had workers drilling my door at 7:30 am without proper notice, constantly walking by my windows with his barking dog, told me I was a @$%&+-# piece of shit and I was a bitch,tried to get a peace bond because he was aggressive towards me and judge called it a tenancy issue, had to phone police 3times on moving day because he would not stay away from me and he and his wife were screaming frantically at me and my family nice place to rent if you want to be constantly watched and harassed, also no repairs done in 2months I was there although I called aboyt12 times and called corporate office twice.

By: llllllll55

MetCap Living

North York, ON