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I have been told that KCC has gone bankrupt, that they will not be honouring deposits once leases run out.

Their counterpart Al Palladini/Landmark Leasing is holding the leases and collecting funds for them?

Does anyone have information? They refuse to provide legal documents.

By: lisastoliker

Kcc Leasing Ltd

Etobicoke, ON


By: SGB124

I am getting the same run around from these guys. They are totally inflexible and unwilling to cooperate. They say a letter was sent to all KCC clients advising them of the situation. I didn't receive anything and I was told a few did not receive the document. When I asked in writing for a copy of this mystery letter I was advised that they are not obligated to share that with me
I need to to know who I am being screwed by so I know who I will be suing at the end of this farce. Any others out there experiencing the same treatment?


I see you're getting the same deal as I did with KCC.. They are being "represented" by Landmark Leasing. They will collect all the remaining funds for your lease but will not pay you back your deposit. My bank tried to deal with them and called them very shady.
If you can buy out your lease and get the hell away from them