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WETT not certified

As a condition on the purchase of our home this past summer, we included the requirement the wood stove be WETT certified. We received the paperwork from the seller in which Lighthouse inspector Brian Shaw indicated the wood stove was in proper working order. This fall we had a chimney sweep clean the wood stove so we could begin using it and were shocked when he informed us it was IN NO WAY SAFE TO USE. It is missing baffles and half of the brick on the inside. The chimney sweep said there is absolutely no way an inspector could have missed this if they even opened the door of the wood stove. We have never owned a wood stove and unfortunately were relying on the expertise and honesty of the inspector. My husband contacted Brian Shaw and, amidst a slew of unprofessional and aggressive comments, was told it isn’t his problem and that if there was a problem with the wood stove we should have contacted him sooner. I guess there is an expiration date on his professional integrity? We...

By: kmcshane

Lighthouse Inspections

Mississauga, ON



I inspected a woodstove in May for a seller at which time I certified the clearances as safe.
Late one evening in Nov., I got an agitated phone call. Amid a slew of insults, I tried to explain the limitations of a visual only inspection. The
report was based on the clearances of the stove and condition of the chimney on the day of the inspection. After repeatedly being called a liar and accused of being dishonest, I was unable to explain the limitations of a Level 1, Site Basic WETT inspection.
The WETT sanctioned report does not include door gaskets, baffles, firebrick or dampers.
Please do your research before posting defamatory comments on social media sites.


And I still haven't heard from Lighthouse. Posting on my review isn't the professional response I'm looking for.

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