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thought they were kind

i had a stroke and did not work for 8 months could not pay rent am behind 4000 they won't allow me to make arrangements to pay and now are making false accusations about me the illness to this has had a negative aspect on my family at first they said pay what i can what i did now they want to evict me we love our apartment we had no heat all winter i installed a kitchen cupboard fixed patio door we had to clean our apartment when we moved in the outlet for our stove has still not been installed i have gotten over 60 signatures in a petition to get rid of the managers here they do not know how to deal with people they wanted me to pay 400 to get rid of a mattress the city picks up for free i just started back to work full time in may offered to pay my rent beginning aug 2 st with no more issues lost

By: kitchensandbathjim

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