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Ordered flowers for my girlfreind, and when they were not delivered that day (as they were supposed to be), they told me they tried to deliver them and couldn't get a hold of anyone. This was impossible as her work building is open 24hrs and always someone at reception. Anyway, I tried emailing them during the day (no response) and when i called their local number on the website, it said they were closed, even though it clearly says to call between 7am-10pm, which it was. Tried calling this morning and still says closed. lol I had to write and email to wecare@canaflorist.ca and finally a guy called me and told me I had to pay an extra 10$ to have them delivered since they were unable yesterday....again a bunch of BS. They even had my girlfreinds cell number in case they needed to reach her, and it was never called. Anyway i told them to cancel the order and of course, they have to charge me 10$ to cancel. I figure small price to pay for a lesson learnt on where not to order flowers next time around. I had previously gone with eadible arrangements and had a great experience, shouldn't have messed with a good thing!!

By: kflemming18

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Ottawa, ON