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Customer service

While heading to the cashier at the Zeller's on 165 Main St, Moncton, NB, on August 16, a lady at the customer service invited me over to check in my items, after moments of staring and gawking at me. This was my first time ever in that store and she greeted me by saying "You better not give me a hard time". I ignored that comment and quickly placed my two items on the counter and took out my wallet. While she looked for the bar code in frustration for one of my items, she followed up with a comment saying something like "Here we go, you see", meaning, in her mind, my only purpose in life was to give her a hard time. In fact, the bar code was there easy to see (not that it's my job to properly label their products). Two seconds after the last comment, she found the code and scanned my item with the same intense look on her face. So, having a cranky old lady nagging me when I do my purchases in cash is not very pleasant. Sure, I understand her problem was likely due to previous customers, however, I went at that store to buy something, in and out, not to be barked at for no reason.

By: keylogger


Moncton, NB