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PLEASE READ - If you are looking for a moving company absolutely DO NOT use Trillium moving and storage. Besides being 7.5 hours late on move day which created a whole slew of problems, they gave me an email quote of $2,300 and upon arrival in NS charged me over double the quote price. They require a certified cheque before releasing my belongings, so your out of luck if they have not done the job you paid for. It took 6 weeks and 1 day for my belongings to arrive. They broke my king size bed frame and T.V, lost $150 worth of my belongings and damaged every single piece of my furniture in big ways. ( broken parts, gouged and dented) Their employees led me to believe the company would take care of damages done through an insurance claim which took approximately 9 weeks to process. I had to document with pictures all my claims of damage. The claim was over $5000 in damages and they are offering me $75. They told me I needed to have added additional insurance coverage to have had...

By: kendraarmstrong

Trillium Moving & Storage Services

Mississauga, ON