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Bad computer from Canada Computers

About 60 days ago I purchased my 7th computer from Canada Computers. It had Windows 7 on it. The sales person Rohan) knew that I always purchased 64 bit versions and he did not tell em this was 32 bit. If he had I would not have purchased it.

I have had a lot of problems with this computer and Rohan told me to call Acer but they told me that it was a software issue and I had to call Microsoft. Microsoft said I had to call the company I bought it from as it was OEM software.

Canada Computers said you bought it - it is your problem and said they can do nothing to hep me.

I have sent many friends there but I will never again if this is how they treat good clients.

My name is David if anyone wants to talk to me 416-642-7271

By: kdc2010

Canada Computers

Toronto, ON