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Fraudulent Sale, Double-check your...

* Fraudulent sales by financial manager
* Complete lack of legal mind and business ethics by general manager

Below story sounds like businesses happening in 3rd world in 1960's, but this is what I have gone through for the last several weeks and still not fully resolved. Very hard to believe and deal with, but I am sharing this story with a hope that there are no more victims like me. If you already purchased car here and never reviewed your bill of sale, please DO IT NOW!!!

- My (father's) car was recently stolen 3 weeks after the purchase (this was my 2nd purchase at this location)
- For the insurance claim, I reviewed the bill of sale before sending it to insurance company and realized that I got charged for a protection plan ($1,450.00) which I clearly declined at the paperwork stage.
- During the paperwork session, the financial manager (Maria) tried to sell a protection plan (called Titan Coverage) and my father and I declined it. But...

By: junsuklee87

Midtown Honda

Toronto, ON



Hi could i get a help from you. i am victim of similar transaction from Midtown honda and i am planning to sue them if they dont refund. can you be witness if ever requried. Please email me on rajguyana1990@gmail.com if thats ok with you