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I believe that Panadew Land Holding is a very poorly run company. When looking to relocate a section of my company to the area, I first turned to Panadew because of the various signs I had seen around the town. This actually turned out to be very untrue!
Upon my first call, I was instantly directed to the owner of the business, Dan, He instantly made the judgement of my company and came to the conclussion I was not worth his time. I took this as a severe insult which unfortunately for their business, lost mine. I feel that the owner is a great influence over the company he runs if anyone is looking for a land holdings company that will give the upmost assistance, this is not it.
The one positive thing I do have to say about this, is that their staff were very friendly. I wish I could be more helpful in understanding this company but unfortunately for myself, they did not have the time

By: johnc49

Panadew Property Mgmt.

Kingston, ON