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Took the car in for to be painted and auto body repairs to be done. The owner (chris) told me it would be realy in one month. It is now 4 month later and my car is still there not finished. I have went there every week since its been there to check on the progress and everytime barely anything has been touched. He has been paid half the money already. He keeps pushed the due date back a week ever since the first month was over. My car is a summer car only. It went into the shop at the end of Arpil and it is now the end of August. At least 20 other cars have been in and out of there since mine has been there.

Owner is very unprofessional and does not keep his word. When asked for a receipt for the half of the money that was paid for the job he said he didn't have any paper. So he wrote it on the back of a business card and gave it to me.

I would not recommend Universal Auto body to anyone!

By: jillianrae

Universal Auto Body Repair

North York, ON