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Jan 24, 2012 No longer in business

went there tonight for my appointment, to my surprised, place was closed down and some lady told me some story how all employees were fired and are under investigation for fraud. Lovely, i guess i aint getting my money back on this crappy deal

By: jeevee

Zeneba Academy of Esthetics

Calgary, AB



This was a prestigious school with skilled women from europe, training women/men to become very well trained licensed estheticians . It was taken over by another man from the middle east. He used this school as a write-off. Ran it into the ground. Didn't care. Hired a beyond terrible manager-short,stubby,blonde hair lady with a horrific personality. Together they continued to make a terrible ending name for this place! Then they were audited and shut down. Unfortunately/fortunately I was a student there with the last of the European training, but was able to see close to the ending of this place. Some of the students were then made to clean the warehouse bathroom, mop and wash floors, scrub sinks and toilets and scrub the common area clean, no break or lunch time, taken out of classes to do services for their dealathon website adds, etc. during "their paid for schooling" hours. If you see ladies "CERTIFICATES" from this place, do not assume it was from this business that was ran into the ground, but from the great European training! The ladies who were certified were of the last European training, it was shut down soon after with random untrained unpaid employees