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His Inspection cost us the Sale

All the testimonials are very positive but why not also include the one's not so positive. The results of John Jaggers inspection cost us the sell of the home. He has been proven wrong on several different points that, in his opinion needed addresses. He needs to do a more thorough testing when claiming mould is present. There is a difference between mould and the discolouration of wood. More time should have been taken. He needs to determine the difference between a hole in the foundation and a crack. A couple of minor things he mentioned were valid but the main ones that cost us the sale means he should have done a more thorough examination & testing to determine fact.
Julie Makins-Boucher

By: jboucher

Lighthouse Inspections

Mississauga, ON



Julie, we are disappointed to hear you feel this way about the inspection and its results. Should I assume from your review that you were selling the home we inspected? If so, and we were brought in by a potential purchaser, we are highly restricted by both privacy laws and our Contract with our clients from discussing the specific findings without a waiver. In a general sense, however, we do not inspect for mould, but we may recommend that people have the home tested when we find staining or other concerns with the home. It is then up to clients to determine what they will do with that information.

If, however, it was you that hired Lighthouse and were unsatisfied with the extent or accuracy of our findings, we would be more than happy to clarify and discuss matters with you further. Please email me with the address and date of the inspection so we can have Mr. Jaggers review his files and respond. We can be reached at info@lighthouseinspections.com
Jeannie Oropesa