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This location charged me $46.45, for a bogus 7L of gas, claiming that the tank was not full when I returned it. No one is willing to explain to me how one can determine that 7 L were missing from a fuel tank with a 123 L capacity by reading the fuel gauge. Of course this is a lie and Uhaul in their corporate greed and incompetent and shameful customer service refused to refund me the money. DO NOT give this location your credit card number, you will never see your fraudulently charged money reimbursed. Also, dealing with Uhaul's customer service representatives especially the egregious and inane individuals in the Scarbrough regional office is worse than repeatedly hitting your head against a brick wall. The basic skills of addition and multiplication were apparently not a requirement for getting this job.

By the way, when you fill in this review you are forced to give a rating of at least 1/2 a star, unfortunately a negative rating, which is appropriate in this situation, is not an option.

By: ihateuhaul

U-Haul Co Ltd

North York, ON