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sour excuse for management!

I've been shopping here a few times and I'll never waste my money there again! It's true you get what you pay for.

One of the girls who work there greeted me and we started chatting about customer service here. I told her it was a nice surprise to be greeted for I never have been before by this store. We got to talking about management there and she began to tell me that all of the managers are under the age of 22 years old. The youngest manager is 17 years old.. (enough said!).....
I refuse to go there and watch the way management treats their employees. I couldn't imagine working there for girls who are not only younger than me but who aren't mature enough to handle a position such as "management". I've seen a few of the managers there and their completely FAKE!! I know A LOT of locals who refuse to step foot in that store.. so its a good thing this is a tourist town or else there would be no store!! whoever is running that store should really reassess the managers and see how their REALLY treating their employee's and customers... bc its a circus there and totally cluttered... its pathetic

By: ifashion


Niagara Falls, ON