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Moved from BC to Ontario

I would not recommend using this company. Our shipment was recently moved from Vancouver Island, BC to Waterloo, ON. Many items were broken and damaged, and many expensive items were lost. We are currently experiencing very slow and poor customer service from Trillium staff, and they do not seem bothered at all by the fact that they damaged/broke our things and have completely lost many large and important items. Trillium is turning out to be the most unprofessional company I have ever worked with. Things to be aware of:

Trillium does not have a proper inventory and tracking system in place. Inventory is unprofessionally done with paper and pencil on the spot by the movers, and things are not itemized nor tracked using any sort of electronic system. And when the items are unloaded, the movers do not verify the items against the original hand-written inventory list. Thus, there is no way to know if anything has been lost at the moment the movers arrive to charge you and...

By: ianharvey

Trillium Moving & Storage Services

Mississauga, ON



After 30 days of trying to get somewhere with Trillium staff, nothing whatsoever has been done, and I never hear from them unless I contact them. I did, however, receive a warning from them after I posted my first review. An email from Lisa stated:

"Please hold off these reviews and we can hopefully find a good resolution. If you are not able to hold on, then please keep in mind that there will be very little room for me to move in this case"

I can only interpret that one way, and that is, don't say anything bad about us online or we won't look for your stuff or compensate you for your losses. So, it is almost certain at this point that our many missing items will never be found, and that we will not be properly compensated for our losses and damages. If the owners of Trillium can somehow find it in themselves to be honourable and compensate me for my losses and damages which amount to well over $2000 (not to mention my time and inconveniences) I will update this post. It is all in their hands now.