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My local shop

Great shop for skilled and unpretentious service. Huge selection of bikes ranging from intro-level commuters to 10k carbon race steeds. Some prices are a little bit higher than other shops, but when purchasing a bike you generally get a discount on gear and free tune ups for a year. Should also be noted that they have a professional fit shop and throw in a session when purchasing a road bike over a minimum amount ($1200??).

By: gurrback

Duke's Cycle

Toronto, ON

Great sandwich

I walked by this place a thousand times before finally deciding to stop by for some lunch. The vibe is very cool. It's a sort of vintage, wood grain aesthetic with classic hip hop on the sound system and skateboarding/snowboarding/skiing videos playing by the front door. Service was courteous and informal. I had my sandwich in 5 minutes and it was AWESOME. The bread was lightly toasted and perfectly crunchy on the outside. They also have a couple of decent beers on tap although I'd like to see more (and local!)

Overall this is a great place. Perhaps my one issue is the price...a slightly steep $9 for my sandwich.

By: gurrback

murrays sandwich emporium

Toronto, ON

Great staff xmas party

I was here for my staff Xmas party and had a great time. The food was better than I expected. Service was friendly and prompt, even with a party of at least 15 people. I had a steak that was well prepared and absolutely gigantic. After a few pizza appetizers I barely had room to finish.

Would definitely go back again.

By: gurrback


North York, ON



I ordered the cheese pasta with the truffle oil. It was absolutely amazing!

No pressure, just support

I moved to the area last year and desperately needed a local vet to attend to my 6 month old German Shepherd. I was initially drawn to Front Street Animal Hospital for its convenience - the clinic is only 5 minutes from my house. However, after a few visits I've grown to appreciate the honesty and respect I've received from the front end staff and Dr.Juan.

I feel like they have the best interests of my pet in mind, but also consider the practical and financial implications of expensive vet bills. The options are always laid out on the table and there's no pressure or "upselling". Coming from a rather expensive vet in the East end this was a nice change. I've had a number of lengthy phone calls with the vet that have actually saved me from coming in....bonus.

By: gurrback

Front Street Animal Hospital

Toronto, ON

Love Wvrst

I'm always on the look out for new beer-centric bars and restaurants in the city. Fortunately for me, this European-inspired beer hall popped up a short walk from my home. I've been a number of times now and have a couple observations I'd like to share.

1) Wvrst takes just about any animal you can think of and transforms it into tube form. The diameter of said meat-tubes are approximately the same size as the human mouth. HOW CONVENIENT!

2) Wvrst is beer-centric. That's good news for me. They usually have a Dieu Du Ciel! offering on tap along with Kensington Brewery's Augusta Ale, some other Black Oak offering and and a line up of solid European imports.

3-a)Service is prompt, simple and adequate.

3-b) They have made the mistake of hiring hipsters across the board. I asked for a pint of Augusta Ale, not a pint and a patronizing I-hate-my-job-and-think-I'm-better-than-you smirk.

Overall a super solid place with great beer and decent food. Expect a sausage to run around $9. Fries are around $3-4.

By: gurrback


Toronto, ON

Great trainer, bad methods....

We dealt with two trainers over a 2 month period of time. Both trainers were pleasant, friendly people that were clearly dedicated to their craft. We found them to be involved and genuinely interested in the progress of our dog. It’s unfortunate that the training methods just didn’t work. Oh, and it cost well over $700.

Oh where do I start…

1. Training “bags” were a complete joke. After having these thrown at her half a dozen times, she couldn’t be bothered. We followed all instructions, i.e. not picking them up in her line of sight, not treating them as a toy, soaking them in bitter apple, etc.

2. “Bahing” at our dog. After literally months of growling at our dog, the results were negligible. On top of this, it’s completely embarrassing.

3. Told not to use commands. Commands are a “crutch”. Apparently so are treats/toys or any other item you may use to gain the attention of your dog. Ironically, the only method...

By: gurrback

Bark Busters GTA

Toronto, ON