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I've gone to this restaurant alot, twice in the last month, and I'd say that my LAST TIME was yesterday. My daughter and I went there for supper, around 5:30 and the service was not the greatest and the food was disgusting and when I complained, to our server, she went into the kitchen and returned, explaining to me that, that was the way my dish came. Well, if that's the way they want to keep customers...then I'm afraid they have lost my custom. I paid $13.49 for a dish that described itself as Penne noodles with Shrimp, Scallops and Lobster...NOT what I rec'd..it had a few shrimp that were so small, they wouldn't even have covered a dime...the scallps..all 4 of them were smaller than a dime and not much thicker and lobster???? I, nor my daughter, could determine any lobster in my dish. I picked all through the cold, dried up Penne noodles, and nary a piece of lobster was to be found. My daughter describes her dish as something that looked like "it had been eaten before" and I have to agree with her. I spent over $30.00 and my daughter spent over $15.00 and we were still hungry when we left. So long, Pizza Delight..I will NOT miss you nor your inferior food!!

By: fer123

Pizza Delight

Moncton, NB