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Poor Service

I have had nothing but problems since hiring A Leg Up. The walker showed up on two occasions when they were not booked but I was guaranteed by the owner that the opposite would not happen. But a couple of weeks later it did and my poor puppy was left alone for a very long day. When I called to find out what had happened my phone call was not returned for three days and when it was they just called to say they were going to look into it. A week later I was finally able to get a hold of someone and they just made up new excuses as to why this happened (for the third time). I cancelled my services with them but I have still not received my key back and the owner Nigel was incredibly rude on the phone. I would not recommend this company to anyone. They are extremely unorganized. Any service that demands money up front and you are not allowed to contact the person that is coming into your home directly is not to be trusted. I wish I had been smarter in the beginning when I originally hired them.

By: farnoosh35

A Leg Up Pet Services

Toronto, ON