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little Tykes Consignment Boutique Fraud

They took my stuff and never gave me a contract. The store was always a mess and smelled. The women who was there most of the time Trish has a million excuses why they couldn't pay up Robeez orders not in.. Mother moved things and she can't find the contracts... Her husband is lazy and she can't get to the piles of things to return them, something that he just put them in a huge pile and she can't leave the counter. Not that she ever did much but complain about all her many problems. I spoke to this woman that gave me this info about the owner I don't know if the husband was the one who owned the store. Doesn't matter he has a job, contrary to Trish's story that he was too lazy to got get one, maybe it was their plan for everyone to feel sorry for them. Here is the info: He works at a mall as a fix it guy?? 604 666-6000

Address :
757 Hastings St W
Vancouver, BC , V6C1A1

If anyone has any info please email me I am so frustrated!!

By: erin67

Little Tykes Consignment Btq

Surrey, BC