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Terrible Return Policy

When I ordered a Lodge four-quart dutch oven I was sent one that had been sitting on their shelf for a very long time. It was dusty and missing certain labels. The handle was protruding out of the Lodge shipping box. When I asked for a brand new one because I could not possibly give this one as a gift I was told the product was fine and it didn't matter the box was an unsightly wreck. There were no apologies and no effort to make it right instead the woman made me feel I was an unrealistic customer to expect my purchase to be in pristine condition. I will never shop online there again. :(

By: erichael

Tweed & Hickory

Kanata, ON

guarantee is useless

I too have spent a considerable amount of money at Golda's over the past year and have always been satisfied until I had to return a product. The product they sent me was clearly a second and since I believe that if I pay full price for something, I deserve to get that something fresh off the factory floor. Now they accuse me of having used the product myself and refuse to refund my money. Where does the guarantee come in? I will never shop there again and will advise customers to go to Tweed and Hickory for their pots and pans as well as Chef's Catalog. Totally disgusted!!!

By: erichael

Golda's Kitchen Inc

Mississauga, ON



I am not surprised they are arrogant people and think they are doing Canadians a huge favour by taking their money.