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Service Work done on Rear window...

The ongoing issue of the leaking of the back window which was never properly repaired is very annoying. At the time that I had brought the issue up with the Service Manager, my concern was dismissed as trivial. The department had never resolved the issue and I frankly got tired of bringing it up as there were bigger issues with the Escape's running that Service was not fixing. If your dealership would go through the service records, you would see the stack of issues we had. Well, the seeping trickle is still in the back window and I would like to get it properly sealed. They adjusted the door seals but the issue is with the window itself and when I tried to explain it at the time to the Service Manager, he dismissed my observations. The First service date on the rear window was April 29, 2013 and I brought it back for the same problem on June 7, 2013.

By: djasino

Freedom Ford Sales

Edmonton, AB