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Nice place, good food

Dropped by last night to try some wings. Seems to be the best of both worlds, as the location is divided into 3 large areas - a sports bar, a family restaurant, and a fine dining lounge - with one kitchen supplying all three from one main menu. So, sit and watch a sports channel or 6, and enjoy anything from wings to a Turkey Club to a Prime Rib Dinner.

Waitress was nice, though not very chatty when I pressed her on consistent food quality, which many places seem to have a problem with. Food quality varying from day to day. Not good.

We were looking for a new place with decent wings. You know the ones. Crispy even after the sauce goes on. Those. And this place has them. Very tasty.

Already made plans to return with friends.

By: dilly

Triple Crown Bar & Grill

North York, ON

Best breakfast place in Scarborough

We've been searching high and low for a new breakfast place in Scarborough. We've eaten a lot of mediocre breakfasts doing it. We don't want to drive long distances, and we do rely on reviews from n49 and a variety of other places to make decisions.

We found this place quite by chance. Searching for "breakfast toronto" on Google, I decided to add the word "greek" to the search term, because we all know that greasy greek spoons are a great place to get great breakfasts.

Terry's had some good reviews for breakfast and for other types of food too, and it's close to some other places we had to go to this morning, so we decided to drop by. Glad we did.

The breakfast food at Terry's is precisely what you would expect from a cosy, well-run Greek restaurant. It was fast, hot, and exactly the way we ordered it. Portions were above-average. Just the right amount of food, plus a little more. The prices are moderate. The bill...

By: dilly

Terry's Restaurant & Bar

Scarborough, ON

You gotta NOT eat here

Can't say what the food is like. Mixed reviews from various websites on that. But I can comment on the customer service.

We called last night (Friday) for reservations. It was about 5:30 when I called knowing full well it was going to be busy, and we were told the soonest they could get us in was 7:30. So that was fine.

Got to the place on James North, parked our car, went inside and told them we were here then stepped back outside to wait out front, you really can't stand inside waiting for a seat becuase you'd be standing over someone's shoulder - the place is quite small. She said the table wa sjust leaving and we'd be just a few minutes. There was another table for two empty, didn't know why we couldn't sit there.

Waited for 15 minutes, now it's going on 7:40.

Another couple pulls up, parks there car, walks right past us, right into the restaurant, and is promptly seated at the table for two.


By: dilly

Harbour Diner

Hamilton, ON

Top notch work

I went up to their store on Barton Street a few times in the fall, looking to carpet the entire second floor of our house. I had a chance to speak to the owner, Walter, several times. I also met both his young son (who came over with his Dad during the "Take Your Kids To Work" session), and Walter's father who looks after the store when Walter is away.

Got a quote from Walter that was competitive. What I liked the most about it was it came from a local company, fellow Hamiltonians. I booked the work for 2 weeks later, and exactly 2 weeks later the installer showed up with carpet and tools.

The install took the better part of a day. I had spent the entire week before screwing down the squeaks in the floors. The result was fabulous.

Strongly recommended. Great work, excellent quality carpeting and competitive prices.

By: dilly

Miran Carpets & Flooring

Stoney Creek, ON

Great executive 9 hole

Don't kid yourself, there are plenty of tough little 9 hole courses around. This is one of them. There's a couple of long par 3's and a couple of par 4's on this gem, plenty of sand and trees, and some strategic water. Their maintenance of the course is nearly flawless. Very few flat spots, and the ground tends to be mid-way between hard and soft, depending on the weather the previous week.

Book your tee times well in advance, they get racked and stacked here very quickly. If you're going in with 2 you will undoubtedly have 1 or 2 added to your party.

By: dilly

Rock Chapel Golf Centre

Dundas, ON

Great service, excellent prices

The location is a bit out of the way. They're located on top of HWY 6 In Waterdown.

Staff are very friendly and courteous, appointments are fairly easy to arrange. Modern facilities and a progressive practice.

I still prefer Dr. Foster (see my review) but he is difficult to book sometimes, and does charge a little more. Clappison's was able to accommodate my requested appointment time exactly, and their prices are extremely reasonable. The important thing is they are focused on the health of animals, not the profits, and seem genuinely interested in the well-being of my pets. I just brought home a new puppy - a beagle - and needed to have her checked out within 5 days of buying her to validate the health warranty.

Now if I could just get her to stop tugging on my shoelace...


By: dilly

Clappison Animal Hospital

Waterdown, ON



Gave 4.5 starts only because of their remote location. Everything else was 5 stars.