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Does not stand behind service

Recently we used Maid Brigade to clean our place before we listed it for sale. It was a straight forward job of cleaning floors, appliances and cupboards. The place was completely empty so there was nothing in the way to prevent them from doing the job right. Following the service we returned to review the work and was very disappointed to find the attention to detail was not there and some areas completely missed all together. We ended up having to re-clean the entire place ourselves as it was showing the following day. The people who do this work for a living were unable to do a simple job such as ours?!

When I contacted the manager I was given the usual list of excuses but no potential solutions to my concerns. We felt the job was unsatisfactorily done and therefore requested a refund. Obviously Maid Brigade felt differently as they have chosen to ignore my attempts to reach them and to take the money and run.

A very disappointing experience and I would not recommend them for any level of cleaning service.

By: dcarter604

Maid Brigade of Metro Vancouver

Surrey, BC