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Don't ever buy from Arrow...

We bought a dining table in April 2009. Got it delivered in June 2009. Table and chairs were all scratched and poorly finished. We called the Service Manager and she said she will repair it. Imagine buying something new and have it repaired right away - It's not new anymore. Anyway we accepted. They came took the table and 3 chairs. After 2 weeks they brought back the table with 1 chair. The left 2 chairs behind. AND still some scratches on the table tob. Now we are August 2009 they were supposed to come and deliver the 2 chairs + repair the table in our house. We waited for 1 hour the guy never turned up.....
What a "service" ! Using the word service in that situation is a disgrace in itself.
I would advise people not to buy from Arrow Furniture....the product and service is not professional at all...Soon they will have to close down..sorry to say that.

From April to August they had our money but we never had a chance to use the table TILL NOW!

By: daredevil

Arrow Furniture

North York, ON