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My legs are still hot thanks to them!

I can only say thanks & thanks again! Since my first visit 25 years ago! I still have great looking legs in my 40's with just a few touch ups over the years (from the compliments I still get, ha, ha). My Mom had terrible legs & even I got her fixed up! That's why I started going there because the veins started showing in my early 20's & obviously hereditary. Now my face is the problem so every summer I make a visit, since I'm not in Toronto anymore. And even though I hate needles they are always gentle at the clinic! Yes it's a busy place so be patient, don't book other important things that day, relax & make it a "me day", have lunch, shop, it's Yorkville, go with a girlfriend! They always charge by number of needles, not by the time. Now for the minimum 15 needles I have to actually look very close since mine are basically all gone! Great place & a real confidence saver at any age! We all love to wear shorts & dresses!

By: cubasitours

Yorkville Vein Clinic

Toronto, ON