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Gina's College needs to shut down

I am a recent graduate from this school and I cannot stress how much this school is a rip off. I was threated not to get my diploma along with a few other students. We were treated liek animals, they were stingy on the products while we practice on each other, we were talked down on. The school make up rules as they go and contract means nothing to them. The owner of this school is very unreasonable and will make u pay 50/day for each day you miss even if you have a doctors note. It's all about money to them, its not about your future.

By: coolgirl

Gina's College of Advanced Aesthetics

Mississauga, ON



I’m sorry that you feel this way, and I would like to address your concerns.

Gina’s College has a strict policy stating that all students must complete a certain number of hours before graduating. This is necessary in order to maintain the quality and integrity of our program and our graduates. When students have too many absences and have missed too much time, they have failed to meet the academic requirements. In other words, they have failed the course. We like to help our students to achieve their goals by allowing them to make up their missed hours and work towards the completion of their diploma. We allow our students to do this at no charge when the absences are for a valid reason, such as illness, a funeral etc.

As for your other concerns, we always treat our students with respect. All rules and regulations are clearly laid out at registration and again on the first day of class. It is up to our students to abide by these regulations. Your claim that we do not hold up contracts and that we treat our students badly is, unfortunately, entirely false.

All our graduates come to appreciate our strict policies and procedures once they are out in the working world and they understand how crucial these good habits are to their professional success.

We wish you all the best.