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Never been lied to so much in my life!

Never been lied to so much in my life. They lied even about things that are easily verifiable, like the warranty expiry date. We were treated like we were born yesterday. We've had used car buying experiences before, but this was just the next level.

When we looked at the car the first time it was practically brand new, absolutely spotless. They were supposed to do a couple of things to it. One week later we were told to come pick it up and that everything was ready. When we showed up, it turned out that NOTHING we agreed to was done. They were just pulling a fast one on us. Thank god we had everything written on the bill of sale. So we refused to pick it up till they actually did everything they promised. Took them another week to do it. They still didn't do everything as promised, just the bare minimum that we could hold them to, based on the ambiguous writing on the bill of sale.

We picked up the car, because we couldn't wait any longer, and were...

By: commiespy

401 Dixie Kia

Mississauga, ON