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Liars and Thieves

I agree with Sweeney who posted a review in June of 2014 that there are a lot of pluses about this building. But I can also not recommend it and want to warn anyone living or thinking of living there to watch your valuables. On the day that I moved out of my apartment, I was robbed of a valuable set of kitchen knives worth $200. I turned in my keys because I had to head out of town but I made it clear that my Grandson, a co-tenant, was coming the next day to pick up his microwave and a couple of other things that belonged to him that were left in the apartment. I had no way of getting him the keys so I trusted the manager. When my grandson arrived his microwave was there but the knives were gone. No one involved owns up to seeing or taking them. They were there; I have a photo of the apartment as I left it in which they clearly show. The property manager, Mark Brule, believes his staff. One of them is a liar and a thief. I was deeply hurt and felt very violated by this. I was offered no restitution even though I was a good tenant and left the place cleaner and in better shape than when I moved in. Homestead properties has stolen from me and I will never rent from them again or recommend their properties to anyone.

By: ceekay

Homestead Land Holdings Ltd

Toronto, ON