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Cooking your own food ain't so bad...

This place isn't exactly for the lazy... but take someone who likes cooking and you're set! Great place for friends, family, and dates (yknow, seeing if your potential significant other can cook!). Service is pretty fast too, so order up as much as you need! Lunch price is pretty cheap too, just around $10... but make sure you come in before 3pm!

By: cassandra

Korean Grill House

Toronto, ON



Good place to be if you're reeeaaaally hungry. Lots of variety and they keep bringing it out until you say stop. Also like the side dishes, especially the spicy tofu.


but also if they are inventive, resourceful, contributive, willing to share, usefull, pro-active, attentive, etc etc .. list goes on!!

Sounds like this place may be the ultimate place to pre-qualify or disqualify the object of your desire :-)

I am so going there lol

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Bento Boxes and Salad... Yum!

I love coming to Spring Rolls, especially in the summer with a couple of good friends! Lunch time is great (get those Bento Boxes!) and their Sangria is quite sweet! This location is right across the street from Eaton Centre as well, so you can hop on by before or after shopping!

P.S. Their sesame salad is sooooo delicious! MMM!

By: cassandra

Spring Rolls Restaurant

Toronto, ON



That looks delicious! - do you know if they use MSG?


I think Spring Rolls is pretty big on the MSG

Is it worth the wait?

I had heard many great things about this place: good drinks and great snacks. And it's true. The inside decor is really pleasant, giving the place a sense of sophistication - which many of the bubble-tea places I know don't have. Unfortunately though, while the tea and snacks are great, there are some drawbacks. It can be quite the popular in the evening, so you're almost guaranteed to be waiting outside for a while for your number to be called. The parking for that plaza in general isn't the greatest, requiring a walk or so if you don't find a spot nearby. But overall, I had a good experience and we all know what makes a good experience: good company.

By: cassandra


Thornhill, ON