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i know all of these horror stories personally because as embarrasing as it is i worked at that dump and believe me there is NOTHING going on to fix any problems going on in the company , and sadly the companny DOSNT EVEN PAY THE EPLOYEES , they say they will in the interview and tell u in a few weeks that they wont pay u for 6 months so i had to leave but luckily i found a better more professional laser clinic to work at
good luck to you all :)

By: cashman1993

Zeneba Academy of Esthetics

Calgary, AB


By: SUCH75

I have beeb working here for over 6 months and every two weeks i get a pay check!!!! So i personally think your talking out of your ASSSSSSSSSS!!!


as I can see him/ her defending this aweful place. You are the only one saying good stuff. Don't need to go that far to see that your company stinks.