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This is not a first class club it pretends to be. For the premium price ( $800+ year) this year you buy into a facility that is in a huge renovation mess. For the premium cost this year you will endure several months of -poor indoor air quality, broken swimming pool heaters moved equipment, crowded and temporary broken dressing room spaces, weekly varied hall way obstacle courses, and during most of this summer - days of humid plaster dust, paint clouds, poorly functioning air exchangers and fresh daily off gases from construction materials - glues and new carpets. And...the OAC's management response to their renovations and disruptions (dare I call them complaints): Too bad !!! You signed a contract, we can add a month to your membership but no refunds. Yes consumer, even if the so called healthy facility is not a very healthy one for seniors and people immune sensitivities. Members concerns and complaints seem to be mere inconveniences to OAC management, rather than the...

By: carolsreview

Ottawa Athletic Club

Ottawa, ON



yes you have it right. solid review