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Terrible: Avoid at all costs

I dropped off 1 roll of 120 film to be developped and scanned and it has taken them more than a month and a half to do it. They (Halifax Shopping Centre location) have lied to me about it being shipped to their off-site lab on numerous visits and calls. Each time they say "check back in a few days" when they know the films hasnt even left the store. (At the time of writing this I still havnt recieved my film)

Ive had only 2 associates that were decent to talk to, the rest brush me off like I dont know what I'm talking about; and I'm a photographer!

Went to them because their's was the cheapest price for the dev/scan serivce. Spend the extra few dollars and go to Henery's.

By: capermazda

Black's Photography

Halifax, NS