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Be very careful

My soon to be husband custom made my engagement ring from Bijouterie Cathy and prior to him giving it to me had to send it back 3 times for them to fix the imperfections. After he gave it to me, we went shopping at various places for our wedding bands and 2 jewlers told us that one of the prongs holding the center diamond was shorter than the rest. Also, there was a spacing between my diamonds that are located on each side of the center diamond. Basically, it was a very bad finish. We took the ring back and they lady who sold my fiance the ring agreed and said that she would send it back to have everything fixed. After 2 weeks, the ring comes back and it turns out that they only fixed the prongs and nothing else on the ring. They somehow actually ruined even more by creating more spacing between my side diamonds and the gold. Needless to say, I was very unhappy. The lady said that she would send it back. When I asked her if she verified the products before giving them to the clients, she admitted that they do not. So essentially, there is no follow through. This jeweller is extremely unprofessional and I would hate for anyone to share my experience.

By: bridetobe

Bijouterie Cathy Inc

Laval, QC