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When I was converting a garage bay into a studio, I scoured the internet looking for the "perfect" walkthru door.

As I live in snow country, where temperatures can drop to -15 F in the winter and climb to 85 F in the summer , I needed a door that would keep the interior warm and comfortable; not to hot and not to cold.

I also wanted a stylish, easily operable and understated door that would compliment my home and open as a garage door or as a walkthru. It also had to have windows to keep the cold in the winter and and heat out in the summer.

After much searching on the internet, phone and word-of-mouth, I found Germain Gaudet who owns Walkthru Garage Doos. Since I live in California and Walkthru is in Canada, we talked on the phone and e-mailed pictures back and forth until we had exactly the door I was looking for.

After a hot summer and a heavy Sierra Nevada winter (with temperatures in the minus degrees for over a 10 day stretch) I...

By: bobk

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