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Just moved in and received NO parking...

Recently moved in, and they had parking lot under construction, that is okay, however, we still have to pay for our "parking spot". They gave quite a few tenants road-side parking permit, but the road gets crammed with cars, and I have to park 2 blocks away. The worst of the worse was when the building manager started cussing and threatening me to tow away my car when I parked on the road-side where he usually parks. He has no reservation of that spot whatsoever.

It only adds to the discomfort when there is no hot water in my apartment for the last 3 weeks. We have had notices for repair but the technicians simply can not do their jobs because the management didn't pay them for that kind of a job - this happened for three different technicians. The management is just trying to figure out a cheap fix for the problem and is unwilling to dig deep.

Very very disappointed with the management, unfortunately, I am on lease for a year and it is only my first month. I wish I could give them negative rating.

By: blobana

MetCap Living

North York, ON