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Read some very positive reviews and was very impressed with the rep. they sent out for a quote in Sept. of 2014. They estimated completion in October. They were horrible at communicating exactly when they would come to do the work. Finally saw them closer to the end of NOVEMBER in a howling wind and snow already on the ground. They had no choice but to work fast in the cold weather, but debris is STILL all over our property. They could not finish due to weather and chose not to come the next day, but we did not get a call. The following day was much the same weather, but they DID come...unannounced. Job done by end of Nov. with the promise that they would come and do a spring inspection and gutter clean. HOWEVER, noticed some damage and major debris in our eaves in Dec.. They sent 2 guys out to repair what they could and take out the chunks of shingles so that we wouldn't have an ice dam in the spring. It is now May....and again no call from Belmar for the spring inspection and our gutters are full of fine debris. Have called them twice with no response to come and do a thorough gutter clean and inspection, but of course they are not returning our calls.
B & M. Walsh

By: betss334

Belmar Roofing

Cambridge, ON