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Went for dinner with the family on Saturday around 5PM. The place was packed - about a 40 minute wait. We snagged a table in the bar though and was served right away. We ordered 1lb of chicken and 1/2lb of steak fajitas for 5 adults. The food came in less than 10 minutes and was perfectly cooked.

The restaurant looks great and the food is even better! I will for sure be visiting here again!!!!

By: avaldstyn

Lone Star Texas Grill

Whitby, ON


My brother, fiance and I went to Mongolian Grill for lunch on Sunday which was a long awaited lunch date. My brother LOVES the Mongolian Grill and is a frequent visitor of theirs. We decided to introduce my meat loving fiance, alexwilkins to see if he liked it. It was delicious! Everything is so yummy and its a lot of fun to watch them cook it up on the round grill right in front of you. The only reason I left the half star out was because the seafood wasn't very good - but the beef made up for it. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that likes stir-fry, fresh food, a fun atmosphere or all of the above.

By: avaldstyn

Jb's Mongolian Grill

Whitby, ON

Would it hurt you to smile?!

Went to Windsor on Saturday and it was packed with brides to be - no problem since I was with my bridal party and they also needed to find dresses. I put my name on the "waiting list" and was told NOT to browse the shop or move any dresses until it was my turn. This was a little annoying, but the same rules didn't apply to the bridesmaids dresses, so we started there until it was my turn. My bridesmaids were trying on a few selections of dresses and Maria was helping us. She was the ONLY nice employee we came in contact with while at Windsor.

After about 25 minutes it was my turn to try on gowns. I was asked what I liked and was brought to that section. Then I was asked how much I wanted to spend and I said I had a budget of around $800 (which I think is a reasonable price for a gown.) The woman helping me looked at me almost disgusted and said "well then you might want to go to the discount place down the street, our dresses aren't discount"...

By: avaldstyn

Windsor Bridal - CLOSED

Toronto, ON


Went for dinner on Saturday with alexwilkins and our family (party of 12). I have been to Montana's a few times before (not this location) and didn't really enjoy it. This time however the service was great - Greer was our server and she was amazing! Very friendly and fast! The food didn't take very long after order and it was fresh and tasty! I had the Baked Chicken Pasta and Alex had the ribs. Both were great! The ribs were fall off the bone tender! I would actually keep Montana's in mind for places to eat after this visit. They seem to have changed the menu and it was much needed!! Keep it up!

By: avaldstyn


San Diego, CA



ooooooohhhh that's awesome!


Last night I watched Rich Bride Poor Bride and Le Jardin was the featured venue for the wedding. I have been to hall for day events but never a wedding. After seeing what they are able to do for a wedding it made me want to call and book my wedding asap! The hall is stunning; big, bright, clean, gorgeous. Both times I have been in the past the food and service where impeccable. I also love that it's a hall on it's own and looks like a castle. Can't wait to go back to Le Jardin!

By: avaldstyn

Chateau Le Jardin

Woodbridge, ON

Amazing Blood Donor Clinic!

This is definitely the most comfortable clinic I have been too! I try to make it a point in my life to donate at least once a year, but have started to go the allowed every 56 days. It can be a little more unnerving going to the mobile clinics which are often set up in malls and schools. This clinic though is set up for the sole purpose of being a blood donor clinic. It was VERY clean (obviously) and very comfortable - much better than the mobile clinic chairs. Not to mention the staff was amazing! These ladies know exactly what they are doing and make the time pass like nothing!

I definitely recommend using this clinic - or ANY Canadian Blood Services clinic!! It is important to help out our fellow Canadians and support such a great cause!

GO GIVE BLOOD!!!!!! :)

By: avaldstyn

Canadian Blood Services

Oshawa, ON