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Love this store!

If you haven't been to Roberts yet, you are missing out. I go do all my bulk meat shopping here. I also get desserts and frozen foods here.

They always have bogo deals, as well as fantastic prices on other things. Cat food in cans are 3.99 for a case of 24. Lunchmates 12 for 1.99.

I usually spend over 100.00 every visit but it lasts us so long. I get 5 pounds of frozen french fries for 6.00. Also cheese balls, hot dogs, and a lot of other crazy deals.

It's worth the trip out there to stock up :)

By: aeroangie

Robert's Boxed Meats

Kitchener, ON

Awesome service and a wide selection...

The library? I mean honestly who goes there anymore? I DO. I love this little library. It has dvds, cds, books on cd, comics, newspapers, new release books, large print and so much more.

I can send my request online and reserve whatever book I am looking for. If they don't have it, then they will get it from the other libraries.

I even get an email when it comes in. There is free parking even.

Generally the ladies will suggest a book for me, if I can't find anything. And they are usually dead on with my taste.

Fast read books offers a great turn around so that you don't have to wait long for a newer book..

Libraries in general are a great place to visit, but this one is tops in my books ;)

By: aeroangie

Waterloo Public Library - Main Library

Waterloo, ON



You can essentially rent movies for free.

HUGE selection of old toys and comics

Been a dream of mine and my hubbys to own a old toy store. When we walked into Heroes we were both blown away.

Amazing selection of vintage toys especally gi joe and star wars. They have every comic book known to man as well as books.

I was able to find the stephen king comic books the dark tower that i've been looking for.

Worth the trip into London just to go to this store. I also believe they are selling at the US price right now!

By: aeroangie

Heroes Comics & Cards

Fresno, CA

Great place for a concert

Had the pleasure of going to a concert here the other night.
The building itself is huge but the club is smaller. It used to be a theatre back in the day.

I didnt like that you had to venture up the stairs to go to the bathroom. Could be a problem if you were drinking. Which I thankfully wasn't.

I did like that there were booths set up on the right hand side that you could sit down at and still enjoy the show.

The dance floor was huge and there was enough places to get drinks if you needed too, without a long wait.

Leather sofas were all over the place and really cool mirrors.

We had to wait for a while to get in, and cameras weren't allowed. Although i did sneek mine in (photos to come).

I'd love to go back and see a smaller band play there and hopefully i'd have a good time again :)

By: aeroangie


Kitchener, ON

Small store with a big selection :)

So I used to work at this Pet Valu. We didn't carry animals but offered a wide selection of products.

I loved the customer service we provided. Which included carry out service.

When we didn't know the answer to your questions, we would find someone who did.

In 2006 the store was chosen to expand because of the sales.

I still shop at any pet valu especially when I have a coupon. The cash is set up so that the customer doesn't pay taxes, which is important.

The vast amount of dog food and cat food was enough to make anyones head spin, but we were trained to narrow down the choices that the customer has.

This company was great to work for, and offered above average wages, not to mention benefits. I hope to some day return to such a job :)

By: aeroangie

Pet Valu

Jeannette, PA

A gem of a store!

Because I had my own used bookstore, I'm always on the look out for a gem. I finally found it.

From the outside, this store looks like its very small. But when you walk in you can see just how big it really is.

I loved how it was laid out. They had videos, dvds, and books for sale.

I was able to pick up a copy of the Stephen King Companion for under $5.00! A steal! And got a few VHS Stephen King movies for under $10.00.

I'm hoping that when I am looking for a job in March they will be hiring. If not i'll just peek in every once and a while to see what else I can find :)

By: aeroangie

A Second Look Books

Kitchener, ON

Saves you driving time and its a nice...

This summer we went back to Espanola and we didn't want to drive all the way back home, so we drove to Southbay Mouth Ontario to catch the 'big canoe'.

I had been on the boat a few times but didn't really remember. The 30-mile route between Tobermory and South Baymouth in less than two hours and it can transport 638 passengers and 143 cars.

We had to arrive early which was a bummer but worth the wait as we had a great breaky at a restraunt across the street.

We were able to take our two dogs with us on the boat and it was only $60.00 for both my husband and I and the car. Which I'm sure it would be more than that to drive all the way around.

We were able to purchase a late lunch, snacks and refreshments or browse for souvenirs and crafts in the Boatique Gift Shop. We also learned about the unique region through Parks Canada experts.

There is a dinner and a cruise but we didn't go on it. Maybe next time.

I got a little sea sick (my fault) though ha ha

By: aeroangie


Owen Sound, ON



Sounds like a good touristy thing to do! Great pictures. Sorry to hear you got sea-sick, nothing worse than feeling like that to ruin a good time! :)


nice photos and reviews

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Fun place to spend a saturday

Every sat (in the summer of course) I spend the afternoon at the Market.

I usually only bring forty dollars with me and I'm able to shop for the week.

With the wide variety of fruits, veggies, meats and home made crafts it has it all there.

I was able to get my roses bushes for under 50.00 for 3 of them this summer. Also have a freezer full of blueberries that I only paid $5.00 for 24 cartons for!

There is a petting zoo, a horse and buggy tour, a train ride, cheese, baking, crafts, home decor, furniture, clothes, tools and more. There isn't anything I couldn't find at the market and all for a great price. Nothing like fresh fruit.

Can't wait till the summer so I can go back, although it is open in the winter but too chilly for me.

By: aeroangie

St Jacob's Farmers Market

Waterloo, ON



Very cool. Nice looking Candles.


Gee, I have to get down to this market! I absolutely couldn't believe the price for blueberries! I kid you not when I tell you that last blueberry season, here in TBay, you would expect to pay @ least 10 times what you paid, for a 2 liter pail!
Thanx for the pix, it's nice to see a picture of the things you've talked about.
Great review :)

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27 Years in the business and it shows

I had the pleasure of meeting the Tea-man (as i call him) at a farmers market in Dec. He was wearing a santa suit and handing out samples of his tea.

I ended up buying some teas from him as well as a tea pot. Best thing ever made. It has the tea ball for the loose tea built in. The Chocolate tea is to die for.

He has only the freshest tea, not to mention he even offers a frequent buyer program. He only has four room (according to him)
Four Simple Rules

1) We have taken a great deal of care in selecting our suppliers and tea blends to insure that our teas are of the freshest and highest quality.

2) We don't overstock our products so we can maintain our freshness standards

3) We will always do our very best to maintain reasonable pricing but we will never compromise our quality standards.

4) We test everything we sell to make sure it meets our own...

By: aeroangie

gaddzilla teas

Carlisle, ON



Chocolate tea?


I was just thinking the same: Chocolate tea? However, I could just imagine it with some cream & sugar & I bet it's just delicious! :)

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Wonderful Service with a wide selection.

Do you think that Seahorses are mystical creatures? I used to think the same thing. Then I was introduced to Coralscaping.

They are fascinated with the beauty of the under water world of reef tanks. You can see the care that goes into the breeding of their seahorse by viewing the amount of tanks and amazing set up they have going on.

They sell Aquacultured Coral, Berghia Nudibranchs, Live Phytoplankton, Seahorses and even the tanks that are properly set up for the Seahorses.

We have baby dwarf seahorses on preorder right now for ONLY $20.00 a pair! That's an amazing price.

Seahorses aren't for everyone though (they require a lot of love and care, and special feeding schedules). They also should have a environment that has been cycled for at least a month before they go home into it.

Dean was very helpful, and answered all the questions I had. He showed us around even though he was very busy. I can't wait to go back in Feb to pick up my babies :)

By: aeroangie


Kitchener, ON





is that bob?

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